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IET Faraday Challenge Days

The IET Faraday Challenge is an annual engineering based competition for schools across the UK. The competition gives students aged 12-13 the opportunity to research, design and make prototype solutions for real-world engineering problems.

The 2017 Faraday Challenge Final took place at Land Rover BAR in Portsmouth. Watch the highlights video to find out more about the day. Video: IET

group photo from IET Faraday final

Bosch has supported the IET Faraday Challenge Days since 2016, and sends engineers to the challenge day events to give expert advice and guidance to the students. By doing this we hope to inspire the next generation to explore the career opportunities available within engineering.

3 students presenting their model
Presentation from Land Rover BAR
Team of students high five
Team of students present their model
Team have fun working together
Team 5 from Woodfield Academy

This year the Faraday Challenge season will be bigger than ever as the IET celebrates the 10th anniversary of the event. The final will be held at Thorpe Park, and Bosch will be there to cheer the teams on.