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Bosch in Ireland

125 Years of Bosch UK

125 Years of Bosch UK

Our ambition to invent for life has been at the core of our business since day one. For 125 years Bosch UK and Ireland has embraced this ambition, to build a business that has harnessed the power of technology to shape society and transform lives.

Join us in exploring our journey of ambition, inventiveness and progress that has, and will continue to, shape the next 125 years and beyond.

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Our History

Over 125 years we have been growing and developing across 50+ locations in the UK and Ireland, to inspire the next generation of talent, shape industries and support communities, with sustainable innovation and cutting-edge ideas.

Take a look at our heritage and the roots that our business has grown from, to shape us into who we are today.

Associate Stories

Associate Stories

Our associates have made our past and will define our future. They have played a vital role in shaping our company, industry and the lives of many. Building on Robert Bosch’s legacy, our associates are committed to giving back and making a difference; whether that’s through volunteering at local food banks, inspiring the next generation through STEM activities, or showing acts of kindness to colleagues in need.

Students taking part in IET Faraday challenge days

Education and Skills

We are passionate about educating and inspiring young people to pioneer tomorrow’s technology. We believe sustainable innovation is at the heart of progression and this will come through empowering young people and our associates with skills for the future. That’s why we’re involved with a variety of STEM initiatives that help to do just that.

group of Bosch volunteers

Volunteering and Community

Bosch UK and Ireland was built on strong philanthropic principles. We are committed to the ongoing use of our technology, resources and knowledge to meet societal challenges and improve lives of the generations to come.