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Bosch in Ireland

Our History

In 1898, Bosch opened its first international office in Central London. From the very beginning, the company's history in the region has been characterised by innovative drive and social commitment. We invite you to take a step back in time.

Robert Bosch standing between his associates.
Old fashioned car and lamp post with signpost to London

The Beginnings: 1898 – 1950

Bosch’s UK and Ireland history stems all the way back to 1898, when it opened an automotive sales office in Central London – Bosch’s first location outside of Germany. The opening marked the start of a period of international expansion for the company.

In a period marked by major global conflicts, Bosch took a direct hit. Operations were disrupted across the globe, including in the UK and Ireland. Nevertheless, Bosch’s resilient nature stood the test of time. The following two decades were devoted to reconstruction, but also to harnessing new lines of business.

Former Bosch office on Store Street, London
1898 – Bosch Sales Office - Store Street, London
Battle of Britain Aircraft
1917 – Preceding the breakout of WWI, Bosch Magneto Company is liquidated under government wartime legislation. Bosch sales resumed in 1919 by newly founded J.A. Stevens ltd. of London
Bosch sales office, Glasgow
1924 – Bosch opens a sales office in Glasgow, Scotland
CAV Bosch associates standing outside factory
1931 – Bosch begins manufacturing operations in the UK, in the London suburb of Acton.

Transformation and New Business: 1950 - 2000

Throughout the second half of the 20th century a major transformation took place across the Bosch group. To cope with the rapid pace of change across the company, business fields gradually became more independent.

Even though the automotive market remained a key focus for Bosch, a wave of diversification into other industries took hold.

Bosch Packaging machinery
1972 – Robert Bosch Packaging Machinery (UK) Ltd begins selling packaging machinery.
Exterior of Bosch Head Office in Denham, Buckinghamshire
1984 – Bosch UK moves into its current head office in Denham, Buckinghamshire
BSH Logo on glass façade
1990 – BSH Home Appliances is formed as a 50/50 joint venture between Bosch and Siemens in Milton Keynes (Bosch acquired Siemen’s shares in 2015)
Exterior of Worcester, Bosch Group Head Office in Warndon, Worcestershire
1992 – Worcester Engineering Co Ltd is acquired by Bosch, adopting the new name of Worcester, Bosch Group
Former logo of Atco-Qualcast
1995 – Bosch acquires Atco-Qualcast, Stowmarket, a leading British manufacturer of garden equipment

The Information Age and Beyond: 2000 - Present

The turn of the new millennium signalled a transformational shift for Bosch. Technological advancements changed our world in ways that we did not think were possible and the company began to venture into new territories.

In every sphere, Bosch began working towards a connected world. Improving mobility, shaping the cities of the future, and making homes smarter, industries connected, and healthcare more efficient is now a key focus for the company.

Liverpool Skyline
2004 – The Bosch Service Solutions Centre opens in Liverpool
Exterior of the Bosch Service Training Centre in Uxbridge, London
2012 – The Bosch Service Training Centre in Uxbridge, Greater London, is opened by Boris Johnson (Former Mayor of London)
Move_UK branded Land Rover in Greenwich
2016 – Move_UK: Bosch leads a consortium of industry partners to implement research and on-road testing that can accelerate the development of Automated Driving
Two people riding eBikes
2015 – Following changes in legislation, Bosch eBike launches in the UK
Smart home products on display at the Bosch UK Press Conference 2017
2017 – Bosch Smart Home is launched in the UK
Artists impression of the future Didcot Garden Town development
2017 – Bosch partners with Science Vale to develop innovative Smart City solutions in Dicot Garden Town (Image: South Oxfordshire District Council)